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  Our I.L.F. Limbs will outperform all the rest.

The I.L.F. System introduced by Earl Hoyt Jr. is the foundation of the SKY product line under Jim Belcher.  Belcher has developed Torsionally-Rigid limbs that pull easily and give maximum performance down field.  His SKY limb orders are custom fit to the draw length and weight required by the individual archer.  No longer must an archer guess what weight he or she will get at their specific draw.  Measuring from the center of the burger button to the knock ensures a perfect fit for the archer.  Also, these limbs are custom made in matched pairs on Earl Hoyt’s original presses. 


SKY Archery began in 1989 when Earl and Ann Hoyt formed the company to fulfill a consulting contract and to expand their line of traditional bows.  Earl grew the company by demonstrating his dedication to performance and quality.  Ann sold the company to Mathews Inc. after Earl’s passing in 2001.  SKY continued to produce superior quality Longbows and Recurves under the stewardship of Mathews a leader in the Compound Archery industry and known for their quality products.  In 2009, Jim Belcher took over the helm of SKY Archery continuing the dedication to superior performance recurves and longbows.

The mission of SKY Archery, USA, is to build for the future on the foundation of the past.

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