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How I Got Started?

Since moving to the United States from England in the 1980's, I've developed and built thousands of bows.  I understand the needs of archers from York Round to hunting Big Game and I want to make a bow that performs for you.

The first bow I shot was at the age of 3.  It was a bamboo, straight-end bow my dad had made for me.  I've been shooting arrows ever since, whether it is over the English Moors, where I grew up, over the hills in New Zealand, or the scendaros of South Texas. 

I have won countless junior and adult archery competitions in the United Kingdom and the US.  I've been hunting on the ground for big game animals such as wild boar, white tail deer, warthogs, javalina, and others in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. I've taken animals successfully with Longbows, Recurves, and American Flat Bows.

Discussing bows and bow making is something I never tire, especially when it is with some of the world’s best bowyers and authorities Earl Hoyt Jr, Don Brown, Roy King and my dad, Jack Belcher.

I use only the best materials and supplies, such as Gordon’s Bo-Tuff and Smooth-On Epoxy.

My mission is to develop archery equipment for the needs of our customers

Putting all these things together is what gives me the right to say, “Belcher Bows are Built to Perform”, whether you’re a Bow Hunter, Target & Field Shooter, woman, or child. 

Here at Belcher Bows I’ll make a bow just right for you. Jim Belcher