• Union Jack Longbow


    This is my personal favorite "go to bow" when hunting.  My dad introduced this “Howard Hill” style bow to England in 1964.  And I've been making it ever since.  The best of both continents — American Ingenuity & English Craftsmanship.

    String follow is natural to the Union Jack Longbow, that’s why I took the reflex out of it.  There’s a misnomer about sting follow in bows.  You put string follow into bows you make a heavier bow lighter.  It makes no sense.   You make thicker limbs less efficient.   You make a 55# bow a 50# bow, so you don’t get the lightness of limb.  You just get a heavy limb with no cast on the premise that there’s string follow in it.  Nobody ever did that.  Howard Hill never did that to any of his bows ever, never!  It naturally occurred into the bow, and as it naturally occurred, the bow goes where it wants to.  And it shoots better for it.  You can’t build it in.   And if you do build string follow into the bow and then you get natural string follow you’ll probably make a 60# bow a 50# bow!  And now it’s 15% to 20% less efficient!


    The handle-riser is 15” long and an overall length, starting at 64” for great performance and “no stack at the back”.


    The Union Jack Longbow comes with tip overlays to accommodate Fast Flight string and has hand-stitched, leather grip.


    Choice of wood combinations: 

    1. Black Glass with Bamboo Cores and Rosewood Riser
    2. Clear Glass with Yew Cores and Bacote Riser
    3. Green Glass Back / White Glass Belly with Bamboo Cores and Cocobolo Riser

    Build time is currently 10-12 weeks. 

    Most fantastic shooting longbow you'll ever own!!